Past Projects

A Growing Collection of My Work, dating from September 2018 to Present.

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New Manchester: 
A World Building Project.

September 2019-December 2019

Inspired by the dystopia that litters popular fiction, and a special nod to the Alan Moore’s classic V for Vendetta, New Manchester is an in-world database showing the audience a post-war timeline that went horribly wrong. 

The database aims to show the user New Manchester, the second jewel of the British Empire. It’s a new take on world building, addressing the culture and surroundings from an in world perspective. My aim with this was to try and see the world through the eyes of the people, more specifically through the eyes of the Democratic People’s Alliance. The DPA is the current party in charge of the Empire and as such, has control over how it is seen. 


The project was created in Twine.

Click the bee to find out more. 

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Planetary Pest Control

This project is an asymmetrical co-op shooter, featuring a monkey with a Mohawk, a very friendly robot and too many bugs to count.

This project was the first game that I took on as a producer. My role within the team was to act as a safety valve, in case of over scoping, and to take hold of organizing a team of fourteen. 

The team was made up of six artists, three programmers, two designers, two animators and myself. 

Click the logo to play!


Speak Easy

September 2018 - May 2019

Speak Easy contains a trio of pieces related to Speak Easy, the major project from my second year at Falmouth University.

If you follow the link below, it'll take you to the work and explain each piece individually.

A.J Kerr

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