A brief bit on me

Hello! My name is Alfie, I’m a games dev who specialises in writing and production. My written work has focused on crafting the bigger story arcs of the projects I have done but I have plenty of experience in writing dialogue as well as concepting both worlds and characters. My work as a producer has had me lead a team of 14 developers through a 9 month development cycle. This went from early concepting to publishing on itch.io. Throughout all of my time as a dev, I’ve worked under AGILE.

Balancing both these creative and administrative elements is a challenge but I’ve worked hard to be able to handle both of these roles on a daily basis. Over the past two years I have worked on two very different projects, from Speak Easy, a narrative focused bartending game, to Planetary Pest Control, a co-op adventure.


I’ve recently finished my studies at Falmouth University, doing Games Development: Writing. This course is in the Princeton 25 and one of the three best in Europe. The course has me working in an industry-simulated environment producing game projects. Each project has a different team and supervisor to work with. This variety of co-workers and managers has given a wide berth of experience with people!

What can I do for you?

When approaching any project, my role is to listen your ideas and help craft them into a workable product. I've spent my last three years working in various roles, from lead writer to producer.
My skills include: narrative design, character design, dialogue (both branching and linear), adapting real world scenarios into fictionalized versions, fictional world creation and comic scripting.

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