Speak Easy
September 2018 - May 2019

Speak Easy

Speak Easy is the major project from my second year at Falmouth University.  It’s a physics based bartending simulator with a focus on narrative interactions and branching dialogue. It was developed in a small team (six members) and won the audience vote for ‘Best in Year’. 


My role within the team was as lead writer and co-editor. I developed the world, character profiles, the overarching narrative and the branching dialogue. The story follows Ruth Moran, a widowed bartender, trying to move on from the still recent loss of her husband. It’s not that simple however, as Ruth is being pulled in two directions by her allegiance to the mob and her friends in the police force. 

It's around 40 minutes long. 

Click above to play! 

Character Bio - Ruth Moran

The character bio is of the main protagonist, Ruth Moran. Ruth is a widow, having lost her husband the year prior and the memory stings. 
The project was developed independently, although I was careful to consult the art department as I worked to make sure that my vision matched the pieces they were working on. The character was a composite, combining elements of Brie Larson’s performance of Joy in Room (2015) and women from my own life. 
Ruth was a person struggling with guilt, a passionless world and apathy. In this she internally collapsed and therefore began to shut down.

Speak Easy Postmortem

The final piece that rounds out the trio of Speak Easy related work is article I was asked to write reflecting on my experience when writing Speak Easy. 

It was an interesting task, as I noticed many things about my process I would change moving forward. Writing, or at least noting, postmortems have become part of my regular workflow as I've found formal reflection is something good to do!

The article was written in conjunction with my co-editor @srodyakin.

Art courtesy of Will Snowden


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